"Simply You"   
                 Day of Wedding Coordinator ~$900

                  This package is for the couple who needs less help.  Allowing us to help you with                       the Wedding Rehearsal and Day of Coordination to Include the following:

·         Pre-Initial Consultation, Site tour and then Wrap-Up Consultation
·         Unlimited phone calls, text &  email contact
·         Attend your rehearsal to ensure the wedding party's organization and   timing
·         Minute-to-minute timeline for you and your vendors; as well  as, coordinating with all    vendors to ensure everything arrives on time   and is in correct location
·         Oversee ceremony and reception site by following timeline and managing     event
·         Assists bride, family and wedding party as needed
·         Coordinate with photographers for per-ceremony,  ceremony, and post-     ceremony photos
·         Greet guests to the guest book and gift table and direct them to the   timeline of events during the ceremony and reception
·         Coordinate and Oversee with your DJ/Band Leader your timeline for     special announcements to be made for your Cocktail Hour,  Receiving  Line/Presentation of the Newlyweds, Buffet/Dinner       Announcement,   Toasts,   Special Dances, Desserts/Cake Cutting,              Garter/Bouquet tosses     or    any other reception activity
·         Distribute all remaining vendor payments
·         Making sure your wedding certificate and license are in a safe location
·         Packing of all wedding gifts/all bride and groom personal belongings              loading and them into designated person's vehicle
·         Staying through your last planned activity (usually right before the        dance  party begins) to ensure that all the above flows 

  Month of Coordinator ~$1400

      This package is for the Month of Coordinator for the couple that has started the planning and found the venue, but needs help with completion. It covers all the unfinished details that the couple needs assistance on and helps make the couples vision a reality as well as all Day of Coordination Duties with unlimited person to person meetings, phone calls, e-mails and texts.

Final Planning Meeting:
      We'll get together before the wedding and help wrap up any loose ends. This is a great time to review vendor contracts, discuss the wedding day timeline, determine any outstanding vendors or issues, plan the order of your wedding ceremony procession, and finalize setup instructions for your coordinator.

Wedding Day Timeline:
      Create your Timeline.  When should you do your first dance? When should you cut the cake? We will help you determine a solid plan for the wedding day so nothing is forgotten and that everyone is on the same page.

Vendor Confirmation four weeks prior to wedding:
      Let's face it - the last few weeks before your wedding will be hectic enough without having to double-check your vendors! There are RSVPs, the seating chart, writing thank-you notes for early gifts, and preparing for the rehearsal, among many other things you'll be worrying about. We're here to do as much as we can for you during this busy time so you can focus on the most important reason for your wedding: your fiancé!

Rehearsal Direction:
      Let us help line up your wedding party and show them how it's done! We also direct ushers and cue music for your processional and recessional.

Ceremony Set-up:
      We arrive at your ceremony site as early as possible to display programs, set up a unity candle or other ceremony items, arrange pew decoration, and give your ushers a last-minute reminder of how to seat guests.

Reception Set-up:
     We will decorate your reception site! This may include placing favors at each setting, putting out table numbers, setting out place cards, displaying a guest book, decorating tables, or an assortment of many other different things!

Event Management:
      Our role on your wedding day is to prevent & fix any problems that may arise during your event while helping you maintain a cool composure. This includes alerting your parents when it's time for their special dances, steering you to the cake when it's time to cut, and reminding the catering staff to pour champagne just before the toasts. This will allow you to enjoy quality time at your wedding reception and enjoy your first few hours of marriage among dear family and friends. We keep things in order and moving so you don't have to!

Pack Presents:
     We ensure all your gifts and cards make it into the appropriate car at the end of the evening. We also pack up extra favors, candles, programs, table numbers, and other personal belongings to send home. We'll even put your overnight bags in the limousine before you depart so you can leave your reception knowing that nothing is forgotten.

Emergency Kit:
      We always travel with a pre-made "emergency kit" which includes items like Shout Wipes, hairspray, safety pins, a sewing kit, scissors, Static Guard, deodorant, straws, Band-Aids, snacks, and many other things you may need on the wedding day.

Unlimited time on wedding day:
     Wish Special Events will be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Unlimited correspondence:
      Of course you might need some help along the way! We are always available by phone, in person or email to answer questions, calm nerves, and give advice.

    * Please note that we recommend adding an assistant for events with more than 140 guests or in two locations. This is a $300 flat fee for the entire day.

"The Signature Wedding" 
  Full Service Wedding Planner ~$3,500

     This package is designed for the couple who wants guidance from start to finish.  It covers all of the important details that go into making a wedding truly memorable.

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